Screen Makin’ Workshop

June 15, 2022

Master Your Screen Making with Dave Makin

Date & Place: June 15th, Fort Worth Texas

Time: 1pm-5pm EST

“Better screens make better prints.”

Help master screen making at your shop with MADE Labs FREE afternoon Screen Makin’ workshop. Join Dave Makin (Master at Screen Making) from Saati along with the MADE Lab team to help optimize the screen making process and plan out the future technology of your darkroom. This special FREE workshop is brought to you by Saati and is followed by the two day MADE to ROQ Automation Workshop .

Screen Makin’ Schedule

1:00pm – Welcome

1:15pm – Screens For Makin (45 Min)

  • Best Screen Frame Types – Aluminum, Roller, Eco Frames
  • Thread Selection and Mesh Counts
  • Tension – Ideal tension and How to Measure
  • Eco Frame Stretching Demo

2:00pm – Sweet Emulsion (45 Min)

  • Emulsion Types – Photopolymer, Diazo, Dual Cure
  • Water Based vs Solvent vs Plastisol
  • Capillary Film
  • Thick Film

2:40pm – Break

3:00pm – Consistent Coating (1 Hour)

  • Hand Coating vs Automatic Coating
  • Proper Coating Technique
  • Measuring EOM
  • Capillary film application technique
  • Thick film application

4:00pm – Full Exposure (45 Min)

  • Proper Exposure Time
  • Demonstration for exposure calculator
  • Demonstrate exposure and developing thick film

4:45pm – Printing and Happy Hour

Grab a beer and print a shirt on the ROQ Oval while mingling with fellow printers and the sponsors.

Be sure to also check out the MADE to ROQ Automation Workshop  .

I thought I knew a lot of about screen making but it turned out to be the section I got the most out of. This class is for everyone from the new printer to grizzled old veteran like myself. Always keep learning, if you can glean one new thing which makes your shop more efficient then you're winning."
Darren Cook | Acme Prints

Course Details

501 E Broadway Ave
Fort Worth, Texas

June 15, 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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June 15, 2022 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Screen Makin Workshop - 6/15/2022

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501 E Broadway Ave
Fort Worth, Texas
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