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MADE Lab and Matsui Partner To Expand Education and Product Immersion.

A partnership that strives to bring awareness to sustainable practices, an increase in education to the apparel decoration market, and additional research to the print industry.

MADE Laboratory is announcing a new partnership with Matsui International Company. This partnership will emphasize product and technical education and focus on the product lines available to Screen Printers in North America.

“MADE is excited to assist in bringing Matsui’s innovative products to the forefront of the apparel decoration industry. We are looking forward to teaching and displaying how to use Matsui’s unique product lines,” says Tom Davenport, Co-founder of MADE. “MADE resonates with their core values of Dedication, Innovation, Balance, and Passion for Precision.”

“With over 90 years of experience making water-based solutions for the garment decorating industry, Matsui is looking to expand its reach in the screen printing industry and is the fastest-growing ink manufacturer that can provide Eco-Friendly solutions”, says Jesse Martinez, Sales Manager at Matsui. “Partnering with MADE will help us spread that message; to make that personal connection to printers through content and practical application.”

This partnership benefits the industry directly by making technical knowledge and instruction available to all who seek it while encouraging the mindset of sustainability for the future. The goal is to further increase innovation from both an industrial and artistic perspective, using real-world research and application to achieve maximum, productive aesthetic. Matsui and MADE will strive to grow a community that will shift the current frame of mind in the industry to one that will be passionate about limitless, sustainable breakthroughs that work.

Matsui x MADE logos

About Matsui International Company: Founded in 1923, Kenji Matsui started a painting business in Kyoto, Japan making crayons and painting materials. In the 1950s, Matsui shifted focus to printing on textiles. In the 1980s, the company developed the color-changing specialty ink Chromicolor. In the 2000s, Matsui switched to making the majority of its inks water-based, focusing on the future and a balance between nature and sustainability. Matsui International Company is still a family business offering a wide range of exclusive products. Every product is manufactured with the finest quality and highest standard in reliability, fulfilling the promise of excellence synonym in the world to their Japanese heritage.



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