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Let’s really see what Fort Worth is all about. Sure, you’ve seen the Stockyards now, but let’s dig in a little deeper and check out local businesses behind the scenes and learn from each other! Afterward, we’ll head to lunch at the world-famous Billy Bob’s Texas. Register for a tour below!

Know before you go:

  • One tour per attendee. Tours are first come, first served!
  • Tours are offered at each location at 9am and 10:15am.
  • Each person is responsible for transportation to/ from a tour and to/ from lunch.
  • Wear your badge!

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In 2004, Matt Lucas began printing t-shirts for his band in his family's garage in Mansfield, TX. Friends and other bands quickly came looking for shirts, and before long Matt had started a company. Trust grew quickly and steadily, spending almost 10 years in a Mansfield office park before moving to our current home in beautiful Fort Worth. Trust is known for its high quality products and excellent people. We've invested heavily in our team and pushed our standards as high as they can go with hard work and determination.

After years of trying to be everything to everyone, Trust has focused in on a simple but powerful goal: making people's favorite shirts. Through our curated blanks list, our print styles, and our awesome My Account system we have created a simple, intuitive process for getting awesome products that people will love to wear more often.

It's not just about custom merchandise or T-shirts. For us, it's about cultivating creative community. What started as a humble screen-printing shop in 2010 in Brett Bowden's garage has grown into a space where Fort Worth's creative community can come together and learn from each other while providing quality custom goods.

Aside from our attention to detail and quality, we educate, collaborate, and focus on serving our community and clients. We're not just a print shop; we are a venue for creatives and local businesses to come together and share ideas. There is truly no other place like Printed Threads, just like there is no other town like Fort Worth. We strive to be that visionary lighthouse our city needs to bring business and creativity together.

Mrs. Renfro's

Mrs. Renfro's is genuinely a Fort Worth staple. George Renfro and Aurthurine (aka Mrs. Renfro) began the Renfro Foods Company in the 1940s right here in Fort Worth, TX. The Mrs. Renfro's brand as we know it today came about in 1963, selling Chow-Chow, a flavorful relish popular in the south. As the grandkids took over the business, Mrs. Renfro's began making hot sauce and Picante sauce. Then the great-grandkids took over the business in the 80s. In the 90s, they decided to take things a little further in the salsa game. Crafting unique options, such as Habenero, Black Bean, and Peach, and offering them at the same price as standard salsas turned out to be their 'sweet spot.' The company is still run by the third generation of Renfro's, Doug and James, and Becky Renfro Borbolla. They are keeping it 'True to family. True to flavor.' 

If you take this tour, there is a 99% chance Doug Renfro will force you to take a free jar home.

Since 1988, S&S has provided high-quality, Fashion Forward imprintable apparel to a broad wholesale customer base. Offering the most extensive and accessible collection of fashion-forward styles around, they are known for getting the goods to you fast! Come and see one of eight nationwide distribution centers right here in Fort Worth, and get a take on how they pull off their super fast shipping that you've come to know! 

MADE Lab MADE (Modern Apparel Development and Education) Laboratory is the industry’s home for the crazy thinkers and makers who can see what’s next and deliver it now. This tour will feature a in depth shop tour of the state of the art equipment provided by our MADE partners ROQ, Saati, Lotus Holland, Douthitt, Hirsch (Tajima, Brother DTG), Stahls, Matsuil, Riley Hopkins and BBC. We will also dive into the in depth testing processes that Brian Lessard conducts for the biggest brands in the industry to ensure that new fabric and styles get to you in the best decoratable fashion.



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