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MADE 2 Hustle Conference

June 25-26, 2022 • Fort Worth, Texas

Sharpen your business and decoration skills in this two day interactive event that dives into heat transfer, screen printing, DTG printing, embroidery and a variety of business and marketing subjects.

Who is MADE 2 Hustle For?

The MADE 2 Hustle conference is here to bridge the gap and empower you to grow your hustle! We’re connecting influencers, subject matter experts and the community for hustlers to take their hustle from where they are to where they want to be.

Featuring presentations by influencers with a combined 365,000 Youtube and Social Media Subscribers.

Meet the Influencers

Stan Banks

T-Shirt Side Hustle

Stan has created 1000+ videos with almost 6 million views and has created a community of over 125,000 YouTube and social media subscribers.

Serving an audience of beginners who are just starting within the industry to seasoned professionals; TSH collects the latest industry information, newest products, and inspiring stories and creates conversation within the industry. After starting multiple hustles early in his career, Stan found his place in 2011 when he pursued apparel decoration full time. Having never worked a full time job, in 2016 he obtained a security job for $10 an hour with the sole purpose of securing health insurance which he quickly realized was not for him. On January 3, 2017, Stan took T-Shirt Side Hustle full time set out to teach other what allowed him to thrive in the t-shirt game.

Rich Khun

Hustle Ninjas

Rich has created over 160 videos and has had over 6 million views building a community of over 150,000 YouTube and social media subscribers.

Rich Khun is an online entrepreneur and has been self-employed his entire life. He started out as a graphic designer creating nightclub ads, promotional art, billboard designs, business cards, and everything in between. He started his graphic design career in 2004 but found himself being drawn to the wide world of creative rather than just being limited to a few areas. Eventually in 2015 he got into apparel and started his channel a few years later. The Hustle Ninjas YouTube channel is filled with educational videos within the apparel space. Two of the main components of the channel was, clothing creation and brand building. In turn, the channel has created a community of entrepreneurs and has helped over 100,000 individuals start their own printing businesses and brands.

Allan Wade

Adubb Productions

Allan has created over 1000 videos getting over 9 million views and has over 90,000 YouTube and social media subscribers.

Social media influencer Allan Wade specializes in teaching embroidery and DTG techniques to build confidence in potential customers by showing in detail how to use various equipment.

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(Dinner with the Influencers)

What's on the agenda?

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Morning : 9:30am

  • Welcome and Keynote Presentation

    Presented by conference visionary Stan Banks.
  • Deconstructing Decoration

    Get hands on with different methods of decoration like heat transfer, screen printing, DTG, and embroidery and get to ask the experts questions about one particular style and process.

Lunch : 11am

Afternoon : Noon - 5pm

  • Blanks with Banks

    Dive into how to choose and sell blanks profitably through discussing sourcing, trends, seasonality and positioning different market demographics.
  • Breaking Down Decoration

    Learn how to utilize each decoration method and what starting or scaling it looks like.
  • Organic Marketing - Stan Banks

    From Local to Global. How to organically build a community and a profitable business around it.
  • Q&A and Happy Hour

    Mingle with Influencers and industry experts to ask questions about business, marketing, and decoration.

VIP Dinner : 7pm

  • w/ Influencers and MADE Lab Team
  • Experience authentic Fort Worth Texas and mingle with the industries fastest moving minds while enjoying good food and company.

Morning : 10am

  • Project Part 1 - Design Development and Artwork

    Follow along as Rich walks through the creative process of ideating and designing a project to go to market
  • Project Part 2 - Online Sales and Advertising Strategy

    Take a project to the correct online platform and develop a marketing and advertising campaign to ensure its success.
  • Project Part 3 - Influencer Q&A

    Get perspective of all the influencers with live Q&A to learn how each would approach things in their unique fashion.

Lunch : 11am

Afternoon : Noon - 5pm

  • Advanced Decoration Hands On

    Dive in hands on with each decoration method to hone your skills and learn the masters tips and tricks.
  • Screen Printing, Shirt, Hoodie / or Zip Up, Hat, Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • Automated Screen Printing on the ROQ Oval

  • Manual Screen Printing on the Riley Hopkins

  • Embroidery

  • Hooping, backing, and stitching

  • DTG

  • Pre-Treatment, Garment Selection and Print Speed vs Quality

  • Heat Transfer

  • Application settings, trouble shooting, apparel variables, and workflow optimization

  • Q&A Panel

    Come together for a full Q&A panel to break down the event and ensure all your questions are answered

The Venue

MADE Lab • 501 E Broadway Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104
Founded by Brett Bowden and Tom Davenport in 2020, MADE Laboratory intersects decoration development and education with a mission to help manufacturers make better apparel for decoration and help decorators successfully decorate them. The partners have extensive experience in business building in the apparel industry from manufacturing and supply distribution to decoration production. One of MADE Lab’s educational pillars is industry conferences which helped to make Stan’s vision of MADE 2 Hustle a reality.

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MADE 2 Hustle Conference
June 25-26, 2022
501 E Broadway Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104

Early Bird Special $399


MADE 2 Hustle Conference


Sharpen your business and decoration skills in this two day interactive event that dives into heat transfer, screen printing, DTG printing, embroidery and a variety of business and marketing subjects.

(Dinner with the Influencers)
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501 E Broadway Ave
Fort Worth, Texas
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